Aero-Flex®Trimming System Gets Rave Reviews
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Indestructible Line Trimmer
"I admit I'm hard on string trimmers, which means I'm constantly replacing string. The Aero-Flex ® Trimming System uses tough, flexible blades instead of string, so I was excited to give it a try. Well, it did an excellent job of standing up to tough weeds and wasn't perturbed by an occasional (OK, frequent) run-in with a fence post. Plain old grass was a walk in the park....[Line blade] Replacement is simple, in fact easier than winding a string onto a spool....
by George Vondriska, Family Handyman, March 2006

“If anyone is looking for weed-whacking Heaven, I think I found it. The Aero-Flex cut down everything in sight easily and quickly, and I’m talking about some heavy-duty weeds tangled in the chain link fence here. My trimmer was humming so nicely I thought I would take off like some Landscaping Mary Poppins – and I had so much fun doing it I had to stop myself from whacking my entire lawn. No breakage of the lines and definitely no Grrr! there”.
Michael Straka,

"Aero-Flex® cuts great, really holds up, and works great for the tons of edging we do."
Landscape Supervisor, Carolina Panthers Stadium

“The Aero-Flex is awesome. I have received numerous responses from people thanking me for turning them onto it."
Aero-Flex Customer

"I did find that it works well at lower speeds. It is advantageous because of its resilience as compared to string. As someone pointed out to me the other day, we tend to buy string in bulk. It dries out over time and snaps often. Also, the auto feed function never seems to work right. I did not have to stop once to replace the blades while I cut my yard. In the past, I had to stop 5-10 times to rethread the string lines."
John in Virginia Beach, VA

"Working great!"
Bill in Yakima, WA

"It’s working great and was so easy to attach."
Wilhelmina in Montville, ME

“The package arrived, it fit, and it works! Your patience in figuring out a unit that would work on my Stihl trimmer was appreciated. It requires a slightly different approach when weed whacking – instead of “plunging” into an area, I found I had to work my way in from the edges. However, it does not tangle weeds around the unit as the old one did. The stringing problem is solved which was the most annoying thing about the original head.
Thank you. Weed whacking will go a lot faster now."
Shirley in Onalaska, WI

“I had it installed in about 10 minutes, and trimming in 15 min. IT IS WONDERFUL. I can at last use my trimmer the way it should be used. Why this isn’t on to begin with, I have no idea. Thank you."
Albert, in Alpine, NY

“The trimmer is working very well, I tried it yesterday in my yard, and it did a very nice job. I was really tired of the complex string system that came with my trimmer. It was difficult to restore the strings when they break after hitting hard surfaces. I like the simple method used in the Mach 4 System for replacing the trimming blades.”
Jorge in Reynoldsburg, OH

“I burned through the first set of blades in one trimming of my yard. I did not follow your advice on just the weedeater idle. Now I get three or four trimmings per set.”
William in Kingwood, TX

“I installed the Aero-Flex head on my Stihl trimmer this weekend. Took maybe five minutes. Everything fit perfect. Works like a charm … much better than before. I have a 5 acre pasture that I trim around and before had to carry a screwdriver and extra string to keep from having to walk back to the shed if I had to open the string holder case, or add more string… lots of pipe fence posts to trim around. Looks like these blades will last a long time. Thanks for making such a good product at a very low cost”.
Frank, in Pratt, KS